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Warren Buffett and Bill Gates: MBA Talk at Columbia University

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates talk to the MBA students at Columbia University in New York. Enjoy the town-hall interview: CNBC: Warren Buffett & Bill Gates – Keeping America Great.

The talk overall was quite interesting. Warren Buffett kept things light with his usual manner of funny and logical humour. His honest answers is one of the many reasons people admire him so much. For example, a woman in the audience asked what industry will be good to be in in future and Bill Gates named a few (IT, Healthcare, Energy…). But Warren said that she should do what she’s passionate about and what she cares about and not what the sectors are going to do well in future, as she’ll most probably do very well and she’ll be happier if she does what she’s passionate about.

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  1. Emilian Busara says

    This is the best interview session which I admire most. Two powerful investors are telling us the secrets of their successful life. I learned some top secrets such as bargaining, margin of safety, patiency, reading a lot, take time to prepare than making a decision, give back to community, share experience with other including students etc.

    I, Emilian Busara and my friend, Irving Manning, agreed to be like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and we will do it throgh investing in Stock in Tanzania and take great opportunities ahead of us in Tanzania Stock Market (Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange).

    We will pass billions of shillings as a gift to community.

  2. fredapinto says

    I like your blog post in this blog “Warren Buffett and Bill Gates: MBA Talk at Columbia University”. It is great update news form us. Thanks for sharing with us.

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