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Rich Dad Event Twitter: Business and Investing Quotes

Interesting business and investing tweets form the recent Rich Dad Event. The following investment “quotes” form some of the Rich Dad basics of successful business and investing. Enjoy!

  • #richdadevent Women are better investors because they can check their ego. They do a deal based on numbers not on the size of the …ego
  • #richdadevent Real Estate is about finding motivated sellers and creating a solution. Women excel in this area
  • #richdadevent Don’t find advisors that know how to ‘do it.’ Find advisors who ‘do it.’
  • #richdadevent Looking for a new team member? Ask your current team for recommendations
  • #richdadevent When a mom shows a passion for investing … imagine what the children will achieve
  • #richdadevent Keep family and business separate. Don’t talk business during family time and vice versa
  • #richdadevent Sometimes the biggest challenge for women investors is a man’s ego
  • #richdadevent Find what excites you. F.O.C.U.S. follow one course until successful. The passion gets you through the difficulties
  • #richdadevent We reward tenants for good behavior. If your property looks good after a year, they may get a free TV.
  • #richdadevent One thing to watch out for is an internal prejudice against women. When you seek financial advice, who do you ask?
  • #richdadevent Don’t give before you get. Women need to be careful not to give away what they haven’t created yet
  • #richdadevent Rich Women is about empowering women to realize that they can be just as good investors as men
  • #richdadevent You are always evolving. If you are not growing you are dying. There is no middle ground
  • #richdadevent The fear of mistakes is the fear of living… and learning
  • #richdadevent Be careful who you listen to and be aware of who’s projecting negativity
  • #richdadevent A soaring spirit still needs a healthy body. Money and spirituality are not opposites.
  • #richdadevent When I started investing I felt a lot of fear. I battled fear by taking a leap of faith over and over again
  • It’s official: The recession is over. But wait, isn’t unemployment high and growing? Isn’t the dollar dying?
  • #richdadevent Silver is a better investment than gold. Silver is consumed and there is more gold in the world than silver.
  • #richdadevent Gold standard would requires that we have enough gold to cover all the dollars in the world
  • #richdadevent Don’t let people know you need their money. Shift your context. You’re not taking their money, you’re doing them a favor.
  • #richdadevent Money isn’t money. The dollar is a promise to pay the deficit. When you save money, you are saving debt. Think about that.
  • #richdadevent Don’t take my classes if you’re not ready to put the education into action after.
  • #richdadevent Your education begin AFTER you take the classes. The classes make it so you are able to learn from real life.
  • #richdadevent NEVER leverage your money … unless you know how. Then you can get rich at an amazing rate.
  • #richdadevent You should always know what you’re next deal is BEFORE you have your $. Don’t wait for the money before you find your deal.
  • #richdadevent Don’t tell me investing is hard where u live Its hard everywhere…if you’re stupid Educated people can make money anywhere.
  • #richdadevent Lazy people use their own money. Its harder to get someone else to pay for it then to work harder & pay for it yourself.
  • #richdadevents The more you know, the easier investing gets. But you still have to take that leap of faith.
  • #richdadevent My loans come from pension funds so employees rgiving me $ The gov gets the taxes I get the pension & employees get screwed.
  • #richdadevent Gold and silver is for dumb investors. It’s a good investment, but it takes no brains.
  • #richdadevent Taxes are the punishment for everyone too lazy to get financial education
  • #richdadevent There are 4 parts to a deal: project, partners, finance, management. You must have all 4.
  • #richdadevent Interest rates are so low so that entrepreneurs can produce money and jobs
  • #richdadevent I never base my investments on increasing value. That’s capital gains. I base my investments on cash flow
  • #richdadevent Social entrepreneurs fill the void where gov fails. They make $ fulfilling gov promises.
  • #richdadevent I never got sued until I got rich. You need your asset protection BEFORE you get rich
  • #richdadevent Mutual funds in 401k is taxed at 35%. Mutual funds OUTSIDE of 401k get taxed at 15%. 401k is a scam to raise employee taxes
  • #richdadevent If you are going to be in business, its best to offset your earnings through real estate
  • #richdadevent The tax code awards the generous and punishes greed. There are even ways to MAKE $ by giving to charity
  • #richdadevent The tax principles are the same globally. Use debt to create wealth, pay no taxes. My friend Johan does this in Germany
  • #richdadevent You cannot ‘make it’, until you make it with your past. I had to communicate honestly with my dad.
  • #richdadevent I use 100% debt so I pay zero% taxes. Thats Xtreme financial intelligence
  • #richdadevent 3LawsofCompensation Givetoreceive Learntogive compounding knowledge/wealth TheMore youdothe first2the moreYou’ll getof the3rd
  • #richdadevent Bernacke says he doesn’t know why the price of gold is rising…could it be because of the TRILLIONS of dollars you printed?
  • #richdadevent People are looking to Obama to provide jobs … he’s NEVER had a job. He doesn’t even know what one looks like.
  • #richdadevent The ‘poor mindset’ uses words like I, me, mine. The rich say, ours, we, us.
  • #richdadevent GreedvsGenerosity Entrepr use generosity They have a team&they share They get a smaller piece ofthepie butthe pie is bigger.
  • #richdadevent Greed vs Generosity. Greed is selfish. It’s an employee mindset. Greed is punished by taxes
  • #richdadevent A high paying job is a myth. Those jobs will either tax you so high as to take your wealth or get shipped over seas.
  • #richdadevent Part of financial education teaches how to pay zero tax … legally. Employees can’t do this, entrepreneurs and investors can.
  • #richdadevent Education is a process The end of the public educ process is a job Financial education’s process ends w cash flow for life
  • PHD should stand for Poor Helpless and Desperate.
  • Poor is eternal broke is temporary
  • Robert and Kim just took the stage.
  • Robert is getting ready to take the stage here in Scottsdale.


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