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Graph of Money Printed

Glenn Beck from Fox News illustrates the amount of money printed by the US federal reserve. The graph he uses on the TV program clearly shows the increase in money supply – which will end up devaluing money.

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  1. ManINaSuit says

    Wow. Did Glenn not notice that during the time we were on the gold standard we had the stock market crash and the Great Depression with misery that lasted a loooooong time.
    Thomas Jefferson had no clue what the world would be like today and neither does Beck.

  2. rickneves says

    The money is disappearing into the bank vault, they loaned out 30 times what is in reserves, but a stable bank should only should only loan out 10 times the reserves on hand. It is called fractional reserve banking. Even though they printed more money it is not enough to get get banks from 2% on hand up to 10% on hand. So when you make your house payment it must stay in the bank, and when most people pay 40% of their income on their house, not including car loan, student loan and credit card, the money supply disappears fast. The Federal Reserve makes these laws and tell congress what to do, they are at fault. The Fed Res don’t want congress out of debt because then the Federal Reserve has no power.

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